Transcreation and Digital Marketing for the Web Dissemination of Corporate Information of Andalusian SMEs in the Tourism Sector

R&D&I PROJECTS WITHIN THE FRAMEWORK OF THE ANDALUCÍA FEDER OPERATIONAL PROGRAM 2014‐2020. Ministry of Economic Transformation, Industry, Trade and Universities. Junta de Andalucía.

Reference: B-SEJ-402-UGR20


In recent years, the characteristics of the market have prompted companies to intensify their digital marketing strategies for their internationalization. Websites are a very valuable tool for disseminating business and commercial information. However, to achieve this objective, it is key for these companies to adapt the available content to different audiences and socio-cultural and linguistic contexts. Beyond translation, transcreation is understood as the interlinguistic reinterpretation of information in order to produce the same effect on the original receivers as on the target audience.

The TRANSMARTUR project is part of the Challenges of Andalusian society modality −in the line of Economy and digital society−. This initiative is aimed at SMEs, advertisers, communicators, linguistic mediators, researchers and end users whose objective is to contribute to facilitate and improve digital marketing strategies and the processes of transcreation of corporate websites of SMEs in the Andalusian tourism sector for their internationalization, through the development of a working environment that promotes the interaction of all the agents involved.